Mariner Theatre in Marinette Wisconsin. Locally Owned Movie Theater. View of the screen and the new luxury high back seats with tables in between each row. 5 feet of space between the rows

Rent a Cinema Screen

Rent the largest screen in town! Capacity of 109 regular seats and 8 handicapped accessible seats. Very comfortable seats with tables. The Mariner is no longer a cramped cinema. We offer the luxury of extra room and tables between the rows so you can enjoy your movie with all the comforts of home.

Rent a Mariner Theatre movie screen for birthday parties, big screen video games, weddings, business meetings, family reunions, graduations, holiday parties, employee incentives, team building exercises, boosting company morale, school field trips, or just to watch a movie by yourself.

Packages are more affordable than ever and you can eat while you watch your movie with Palermo’s pizzas and 1/4 lb all beef hot dogs cooked to order!

Contact Lance for more information! 715-732-6869 office or call me directly on my cell at 715-938-4322

our screen is your screen

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